What Is SEO and How It Improves Your Website Rankings

SEO simplify description with search engine optimization, and when you create a website doesn’t matter which niche it has, but it really needs some basic improvements to get familiar with its specific audience. For that every website needs to do Search Engine Optimization which leads the website to another level of popularity among the people who are trying to find the same thing on search engine, especially on google. SEO basically helps us to improve website’s online ranking with compare to the other websites.

Here we ‘ll tell you what is SEO and how it imiproves your website rankings. Here the most important thing is SEO, how we can do it in order to improve our ranking in search results along with getting potential visitors and traffic to your site.

On-Page SEO

The first factor invovles in SEO is websites On-Page setting, which includes three main factors as follow:

  1. Meta Title – It includes main title of website that shows the search engine about the correct information regarding the website. You have to choose according the brief description of website’s niche.
  2. Meta Keywords – The another basic rule comes under on-page SEO is choice of meta keywords for every page available in the website. There should be at least 3 meta keywords available for specific page.
  3. Meta Description – Description provides the brief information regarding the website. If we can include some keywords in description then it would be more helpful for search engine to get the website information and improve the rankings on it’sown behalf

Off-Page SEO

There is second most important part of SEO is Off page SEO, in which website’s link are being uploaded on other websites to get some particular no. of traffic. Website poularity depends upon the no. of users comes to the website and then rank will be increased by itself.

Basically search engines algorithms rates relevance of keywords on pages and in the metadata along with evaluating information like check the users stay duration on your site, bounce rates, broken links along with page viewed and inbound & outbound links.

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There are some major factors of Off-Page SEO that helps to improve the website’ pesence on search engines.

  1. Link Building
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Social Bookmarking

Link building helps the search engine algorithm to get best results with the links available on their platform. If website’s link building has been implemented with in quality links then website’s rank will automatically comes to the top.

On the other hand social media marketing allows every single user of internet across the globe to have a look on our website with any permission and recommendation. If they find anything useful and needed they definitely comes back to the website again and again.

Social bookmarking helps to improve the websites rank at another level because these are the quality links and users are allowed to bookmark the required links on web and they will reopen them again and get what ever they want. With this information that they want will be added to the library permanently. Being listed on reputed bookmarking sites leads to huge traffic attainment towards our site.


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