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How to Start a Blog To Earn Money

The most usable idea to create a passive income source through blogging. Yes, it may sound different but anybody across the world can do it by sitting at their own.

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The guy who want to start a blog should have some basic knowledge so he/she can make sure get the things on right path of blogging. There is no complexity available in this field.

You can easily earn lots of money through out your life circle, you just need to keep update your blog with daily happenings across the world.

Here we tell you some simple steps and you can get knowledge how to start a blog to earn money.

Choosing a Blogging Platform:

There are numerous platforms available to star a blog like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Typepad etc. But most of the bloggers use wordpress as their primary platform.

Because you can create your blog freely on this platform and that is much easier than any other one.

The most important thing is plugins that helps your blog to get traffic as much as you want. So you should try via this platform.

Select a Domain Name:

Before choosing any platform you need to think about particular domain name like we have digitalraionline.

This will help you to get to the particular topic on which you can write on routine basis. You can choose any kind of topic like food, tourism, technology, science, fashion, clothing etc.

It all depends upon your particular choice, you can choose it with different extensions like .com,, .org, etc.

Select Hosting For Your Blog:

As i told you that you just can’t start blog with WordPress, because that is just a software to run your blog.

For that you need to buy some hosting space for your domain and make it accessible for the world, same like we do in our phones and pcs for storing images and videos.

There are lots of hosting companies available like Go daddy, Host-gator, Hostinger, Blue host, you can choose on which you get suitable price.

Setup Your Blog:

After purchasing the hosting space you need to setup your blog on that hosting and with wordpress software. Because that is the only way by which you can put your posts online.

Here we are going to provide you video that will guide you to do so.


Design Your Blog:

In this section you need to use some internal functions of wordpress for your blog, through which your blog’s appearance will be getting better for the viewer point of view.

There are lots of free plugins available in wordpress through which you can design your blog in particular way.

For promotion of your content you just need to update the yoast seo plugin which will get keywords of that content and make then indexed in any search engine.

Make Money From Your Blog:

Now the main purpose of any blog is to make some money, that i ‘ll tell you that you can make in easy way.

The most important and easy way is to use google monetization. You just need to sign up on google ad sense account, and after putting your domain name there, they ‘ll provide you some short codes for the ads.

You just need to place them with in your content and you ‘ll earn money if anyone click on those ads.

Apart from google ad-sense there are other ways to earn money like affiliate marketing through which you just need to promote someone’s product and they ‘ll share some commission.

Just believe me you can earn huge amount of money that you have never imagined. Just start blog right now.

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