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5 Easy Steps To Earn Money From Youtube

Hey guys you might heard a lot about youtube these days, and you would like to watch some videos everyday on this website.

Yes, there is huge no. of people who are using youtube for watching content that they want.

But don’t you know that it also provides a big source to generate income just by sitting at your home.

Because youtube gives you huge platform where you can create and share your content with audience and earn money through that.

But there is a process for that, and here we are going to explain 5 Easy Steps To Earn Money From Youtube in simple words, please follow them carefully.

  1. Create Youtube Channel: First of all you should have youtube channel on which you ‘ll upload the created conten.
  2. For that you just need to create youtube account that is directly connected with google. Yes, it is a product of google and you have to create a youtube account through which you can also handle the other products of google like Gmail, google drive etc.
  • During the creation of youtube account you should remember if your account name will be short then it ‘ll be easy for people to remember that and there are huge chances that they ‘ll come onto your channel again and again.

2. Add Content: After creating a youtube account with interesting name, you have to create some interesting content that people would love to watch again and again.

Yes, i agree that there is no one who can be a great creator at their first attempt on youtube. You have to do practice of that with continuous efforts.

  • . Improve Your contest day by day to attain good amount of subscribers, because only that will help you to earn sufficient money on this platform.
  • Just try to upload content in routine so viewers can attach to your channel and watch every single video on your channel.
  • Another good way to attract the people is to use right keywords and attractive description that describes the whole content in few words.

3. Building The Audience: Gaining audience the key to earn more money through monetization, because it depends upon the no. of times watch on every single video.

  • . To attain more audience you can also use other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can interact with people over there and tell them what is your content about in reality.

The most benefit way to attain more audience towards you channel is through interacting people who are commenting on your videos.

They will definitely come again on your channel to watch the next video.

4. Monetize Your Videos: This is the answer that how to earn money on youtube.

You have to enable monetize your videos with the advertisements that are available in youtube library.

But not every new youtuber can get that easily. Because there is a procedure that every one have to follow to get monetized.

Your channel should have crossed the limit of watch time of 4000 hours with in last 365 days and have minimum 1000 subscribers also.

So you have to pay more attention to promote video and get as much views as you can get for every video.

That is the only possible way to get monetized and earn money.

5. Check Youtube Analytics: This is the key area where you see the whole performance of your channel.

You can see every single thing happening on your channel like, earnings, no.of ads view, audience retention, demographics etc.

Here you can get exact no. of audience coming on your channel and you can easily make some corrections and improvements to get more views and earning from your channel.

So guys you just need to follow these simple steps to 5 Easy Steps To Earn Money From Youtube in easy and quick way.

You don’t have to go out from you house, just sit on your desk and have a pc/laptop and internet connection and get started. You ‘ll be a very good creator and a successful youtube with in a few days.

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